Be Warned: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Trip to Lisbon!

Travelling over Portugal you should make a stop in the capital. If Lisbon is new for you, you may follow this article to know all dos and don’ts to discover Lisbon.

DO: Stand in line for pasteis de nata

You shouldn’t be sacred of standing in a long line to buy the most popular local delicacy. The Portuguese egg tarts are called pastéi de nata. Where to buy? The best popular place to buy local delicacy is Pastéis de Belém. The cafe was firstly opened in 1837. This small but honored pastry shop in Belem bakes local sweets according to an old recipe that is always kept in secret. You should try it.

Venezia's Portuguese Tarts


DO: Go around the city and beyond

Portugal boasts the beautiful nature. The city is surrounded by beaches with fearless surfers catching a wave. You should use RENTAL24H Lisbon car rental location to take a car for your travelling. You cannot get it comfortably some other way. You may get to Costa da Caparica – the most atmospheric beach place. If you don’t know the best attractive place for you yet, try to visit maximum of them in order to choose the best place to relax, swim, surf, enjoy local seadishes and spend time reading something fairy.

DO: Buy a day ticket

Lisbon’s transportation is simply clever. Planning to go out of the city, you need a car. But if you want to use public transport, you should buy a day ticket. Let’s think. The price for a single pass is going to be about €1.25. You should pay this sum every time you need to use public transport. Try to buy a ticket for public transport you may use city transport during the day. This means you can go by bus, tram and subway for 24 hours by your ticket. What a good option for tourists.

DO: Drink cocktail in a museum

Pavilhao Chines may be the most weird and atmospheric place to visit in the city. This is a grocery store by sense full of thousands of small and memorable details to decorate the space. That’s why it is often called the museum but not the shop. What is more, you can order something to drink. The menu includes 10-page cocktail list.

DO: Dance at Time Out Market Lisbon

Time Out Market is a favorite visiting place for locals. It must be something special for you. This unique platform counts about 24 restaurants, 8 bars and a dozen shops. It makes your evening special. But people come here not for food only. Time Out Market welcomes you every Friday from 10 p.m. for dancing. The dance program is changeable. If you cannot dance, you may just watch the twist from local pros. The dancing party is going on until the market close hours.

Mercado da Ribeira (Lissabon 2016)


DON’T: Underestimate the importance of wearing comfortable shoes

Ladies go first! If you want to look always elegant and sexy, you should think of change your heels to flats. The most of streets in Lisbon are stony and cobbled. What is more, everywhere you go in Portugal, the roads are covered with black and white stones of basalt and limestone stones mixed together. They are not comfortable to walk on heels. Ladies, please, think of your legs and leave the high-heels at home! You shouldn’t wear them in Portugal if you are not in the restaurant!

Rossio Square is the most popular place for walking in Lisbon. Nevertheless, this is a hell for those who wear high-heels! You’ll get stuck with your heels between those road stones, and if you’re lucky you might just broke your heels but not a leg. Instead, you can find interesting models of flat shoes to stay elegant or sport shoes to stay comfortable that are always in high demand.

Awkward heel


DON’T: Skip Castelo de Sao Jorge

Of course, Lisbon is full of interesting places and attractions. This is an ancient historical city with lots of interests for locals and tourists. Someone prefers to walk over the city, others want to go outside. Nevertheless, there is one place that is recommended to visit for everyone. This is all about Castelo de Sao Jorge. A visit to the castle means walking up a steep, steep hill. Don’t be lazy! Pure laziness takes you to skip such an awesome place like Castelo de Sao Jorge. It was built by the Moors in the 11th century. The castle boasts the best nature views and towers over the city. Pack your lunch and make a picnic park up around the castle’s walls. The views are amazing.

Castelo de Sao Jorge


DON’T: Speak Spanish for Portuguese visit

This rule seems to be useless if you travel in a touristic group with a guide. Travelling solo, you should keep this rule. You all speak different languages. The most people consider Portuguese as a Spanish dialect. So, solo travellers try to speak Spanish in Lisbon hoping locals will understand them better. You should keep in mind that Portuguese is not a Spanish dialect. This is a language with Germanic, Arabic, Celtic, Latin roots and influences! If you need to find the right way or building, don’t try to speak Spanish to locals. Just try to use your bad Portuguese. What if not? What if you don’t know a word in Portuguese?

Portugal is a country where you can feel comfortable even if you speak English or your native language only. Thus, even in the cinema you can freely read the subtitles and understand everything. It doesn’t matter whether you speak English or Spanish. Just try to be polite. If you want to speak to locals, ask first if people speak English, or Spanish or anything else.

Now, open your favorite air company’s website, and book a ticket to Portugal. Of course, you cannot know everything about things to do or don’t in the country. There are many of them, different for different regions. Nevertheless, here is a helpful basement.

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